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ESRO Food Group LLC in Madill, Oklahoma, boasts 160,000 sqft of USDA FSIS processing space, ideally positioned between OKC and Dallas on the directly serviced BNSF railway line. The facility incorporates state-of-the-art processing equipment sourced from around the world.

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Finest Processing Facility and Equipment

All production is complimented with state of an art Single Retention Time (SRT) blast tunnel, which freezes at the carton levels in less than 18 hours at a rate nearing 1,000,000lbs per 24 hours.

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ESRO is a food service provider, focusing on utilizing only premium products from commoditized protein markets.

Food safety and quality is an essential aspect in everything ESRO does because we understand that reputation is paramount in this industry. Our food safety and quality assurance system continues to evolve with industry standard and our own high expectations.

The use of high-quality raw ingredients is a prerequisite. For this reason, the ESRO Food Group purchases exclusively raw materials of proven quality in order to ensure that food safety requirements are met. When selecting our suppliers, we are guided by the principles of trust and transparency. Raw ingredients are purchased solely from USDA-certified facilities. 

From beginning to end, the ESRO Food Group guarantees strict adherence to all quality standards throughout the production process. This allows us to meet the expectations and demands of our customers without losing sight of good service and efficiency.

Testing regarding hygiene, water supply, raw materials, end products, as well as visual inspections, provide ESRO with an in-depth understanding of the internal production processes. We work with accredited laboratories in the US to conduct regular microbiological and chemical testing. ESRO ensures continuous monitoring, allowing us to adjust the production process at a moment’s notice when required.

At ESRO, we empower our team through internal audits, allowing everyone to assist through their input in an ever-changing landscape.

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Material Storage

At ESRO, we have state-of-the-art processing rooms of the highest quality. We employ rapid freezing technology, improving yield and post-thaw performance.




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Exports done right

The ESRO facility carries a multitude of permits, licenses, and accreditations that allow excellent global export access for domestic materials.

Our processes include inspection, portioning, culling, CL management, primal cutting, cryovac packaging, and rapid freezing.
CL Management

Controlling lean point to maximize the target yields. 

Primal Cutting

Breaking down or processing beef primals to meet the customer’s specification. 

Cryovac Packaging

Optimization of shelf life through vacuum packaging.

our farm


The systems include chemical lean analyzing trim management systems, offal processing rooms, and general packing/boning fabrication with a multitude of protective covering deployments like thermoform, cyrovac, and tray-forming packaging solutions. 

From beginning to end, the Esro Food Group guarantees strict adherence to all quality standards throughout the production process. 

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Don’t just take our word for it! From employees to customers, everyone is talking about ESRO.

“Very professional staff.”

A fast-growing company with very professional staff. Dedicated to the highest standards of quality.”

Eric Epperly

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“Staff is Professional!”

Staff is Professional! Nice and easy. Plenty of room to maneuver. Great place to deliver.”

Gregorio Cuevas

Delivery Driver

“The Culture at ESRO is great.”

“The culture at ESRO is great. They truly value their employees.”

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